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Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy a Fiat 500L  (and why it matters to you at this moment)

In 2016, you can buy a brand new Fiat 500L for about $20,000. That’s less than 60% of $34,264, the average price for a brand new car as of August 2016. So why not buy one to get you and your children where you need to go safely?

Because you’re smarter than that. You know that being cheap often costs you much more in the long run. You’re intelligent enough to know that buying a car is a major decision and you’ve done your research. That means you’ve read Consumer Reports’ devastating write-up on the “cheap” option:

The 500L has the worst reliability of any new car in … more than 740,000 vehicles. This Italian confection feels undercooked and has several significant flaws. It earned a dismal road test score, thanks in part to a stiff ride, flat seats, and an odd driving position. … Even owner satisfaction is below average—meaning a strong percentage of owners wish they hadn’t bought this hatchback. If that still isn’t enough to dissuade you, it scored a Poor in the IIHS small-overlap frontal test.

Doesn’t matter to Fiat, which positions its 500L on one thing: price.

It’s hard to believe, but some family lawyers have also decided to position themselves like that: they’re cheap. Will you get where you need to go with them? I don’t know, but I hope so. Are you going to have a comfortable trip? Probably not. Will you end up raving to your friends and colleagues about how amazing, responsive, and reliable they were for you? Not likely.

When lawyers have to emphasize low price as their selling point, there's a reason. Could be lack of experience with cases like yours. It could be a lack of client service. Or maybe they've got lots of free time and need you to hire them. (Though ask yourself: what would you think of a wedding planner who's available every weekend in spring?) And, worst of all, for cheap attorneys who've practiced for years? It might just be lack of ability to effectively represent you in the family courts.

I advertise as an affordable divorce lawyer, but that doesn’t mean cheap. It means aspiring to give you outstanding value. Commitment to ensuring you always know where we're going and what I'm doing to keep you and your family moving forward to the better times ahead.

If you want bargain-basement cheap and the bare minimum case preparation, you want a different lawyer.

More likely, though, you’re smart enough to value quality and service over price. That’s what you think about when choosing the best vehicle to safely, comfortably carry your family and most precious possessions through the journey ahead. And if that's what is most important to you, you never walk past a Volvo XC90 or Acura MDX just because that Fiat 500L is cheaper.