I'm honored to share some recent testimonials from clients I've helped through some of the toughest times of their lives.

Mr. Giel was a true Godsend to me. He was the second attorney that I had hired to handle my divorce. … It was a very sticky situation where I did not feel that my child's father was offering a safe environment for my daughter. … Mike [took] the bull by the horns. He knew how to handle the situation, when to go full steam and when to let the other side screw themselves up. I knew … that he had my daughter's best interests at heart and would do everything in his power to protect her. I believe that God has given him a gift, the knowledge and the heart to fight for what is just and not just take the path of least resistance. You could not ask for better representation … [H]e makes your expenses feasible and not excessive. … Thank you Mike for all that you have done and all that you are continuing to do for my family.”

—L.S., Jacksonville


From the very beginning of our case, Mr. Giel did an excellent job of making my legal concerns a top priority – he dedicated a lot of time and effort to gathering all of the necessary information we would need to ensure the best results possible for our case. Mr. Giel was always aware of what our end goal was in this case and worked tirelessly to help us achieve a sense of security and peace of mind in our case. There are not enough words for the sheer dedication Mr. Giel provided to our situation.
We will continue to use Mr. Giel for any and all possible family law matters throughout the rest of his legal career should anything arise – as I cannot imagine putting our case in any better or more capable hands than Mr. Giel.”

—Anonymous, Northeast Florida

I could not have asked for a better lawyer! He was kind and patient with me and my kids, and very strong and thorough in the courtroom. He always had time to return calls and emails and was very fair with his pricing. The divorce was handled and finished within a reasonable amount of time. And when a crisis occurred, and we needed his help representing us in the courtroom, he helped with an injunction as well. I would definitely use Mike again!”

—K.W., Jacksonville


Mike has helped with a child custody case matter. He was very easy to get a hold of and always responded to my emails quickly. I really like the fact he was available when questions regarding my case. I highly recommend his service not only because he was able to help me but because he went up and beyond for the best outcome on my case. A very knowledgeable and professional throughout this difficult situation for me.”

—M.V., U.S. Navy

Mike is a thorough and professional attorney. He helped get me through a very difficult time, kept me informed and is a tireless worker. He represented me and prepared me for those times when I had to speak for myself.”

F.G., Jacksonville


[I]n the course of our search we found several competent lawyers who said they would take on our case. We were surprised to hear from them that although the[y] could take on the appeal they thought Mike Giel would be the best choice for our case …. They were right[;] he has been great[.] [H]e not only seems well versed in the process he also takes the time to explain things in a way that a layman can understand.”

G.C., Nassau County


My divorce lasted approximately three years and I had three different attorneys during that time. What should have been a relatively straight forward divorce … turned into a massive disaster. [I] … found Mr. Giel after a large amount of damage had been done, but in the end he was the best thing that could have happened for me and my children. He took a colossal mess, straightened it out & help me achieve the best possible outcome. The family court system seems broken in a lot of ways, but Mr. Giel really did take every avenue he could to obtain the best result. Mr. Giel also presented the options and their potential risks and reward well. And at times when I wanted to make rash decisions he calmly explained why those wouldn't be beneficial to me or my children. Sometimes that is what you need to hear despite your personal feelings in the heat of the moment. Mr. Giel's bottom line truly seems to be what is best for the children and family unit as a whole which includes your pocket. Despite having an opposing counsel that wanted to roadblock or take opportunities to increase costs for really no long term gain Mr. Giel did what he could to eliminate the unnecessary expenses. I am beyond appreciative of Mr. Giel and thankful he has the ethics he does.”

M.K., Jacksonville


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