My 'Keep Moving' Guarantees

I created these Keep Moving Guarantees after listening to people share what frustrated them about their divorces handled by other law firms. I back my guarantees with significant fee discounts if I don’t meet any of my promises below. And these discounts, if I fail to keep my word, show that I back my promises in black and white. You should demand the same of any attorney you work with.

I guarantee that:

1. I WILL PERSONALLY RESPOND TO YOU by the next business day.

Perhaps the most common complaint about divorce attorneys? Their lack of responsiveness. Sure, many attorneys trying to get you to hire them promise to get back to you within a day. Yet many don’t follow through. I know of no other divorce lawyer in Florida who explicitly backs that promise with this guarantee: If I don’t return your phone call or email by the next business day, no matter how busy I am, then I discount your next bill by 15%. Furthermore, I will respond to you personally, not through an assistant. My clients expect and deserve to work directly with me, and not to be passed off to some associate or assistant that they’ve never even met.

Keep Moving 2d.png


Communication is critical – it’s important that you’re comfortable talking with me when you have questions or concerns. But many people are rightly frustrated when they feel their lawyers are nickel-and-diming them with small charges, especially for brief conversations. To that end, your first ten minutes of conversation with me on any given day is free of charge. You should always feel comfortable contacting me, and getting a quick answer from your divorce lawyer shouldn’t cost you as much as a ticket to the zoo or a Jags game.


Talk to your friends who’ve gone through divorces. Some of them will tell you that it felt like their attorneys forgot about them at times. Maybe nothing ever seemed to happen unless their spouses’ lawyers got the ball rolling. I strive to ensure my clients don't know that feeling. On the 1st of every month, I will email you a confidential Situation Report (SitRep) that covers:

  1. everything I’ve done on your case since my last report,

  2. the next checkpoints we need to reach to keep your case moving, and

  3. any potential delays and my plan for minimizing or eliminating them.

This is no idle guarantee. If I don’t email a SitRep on the 1st, then I discount your next bill by 15%. The same applies to my invoices, which are written in plain language so that you know exactly what you’re paying for – no legal acronyms or tiny type. My SitReps and invoices help to ensure that you understand every facet of your case, which you deserve.

These guarantees above are built into every retainer agreement I sign with a client seeking a divorce, modification, enforcement, or contempt action at the trial level. I make these commitments because you deserve to be well-informed and completely comfortable contacting me anytime.